Living in a house you will definitely need Drain Repair Toronto (GTA) as they go out of use because of age, roots growth underground, mechanic damages (during other building works) or initial poor installation. If you are just planning to build a house, you will have to turn to our help at least once – to Install Drain Pipes, Water Lines, and Storm Weeping Tiles. Feel free to contact us and ask any questions you’ve got (☎ 416-857-3930). We’ll help you whenever you live in Toronto & GTA, Mississauga.

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How Can I Know There Is a Drain Problem?

Certainly, we hope that your Drain Pipes serve for long but life is life and we can’t predict what can happen. So, better check your basement regularly in case of Sewerage Odour, Leaks or Seepage. As soon as you notice a damp spot, sewerage or damp smell in the basement, high water bills or pressure drop, phone us immediately to analyze the situation and offer you an appropriate solution. Don’t trust your intuition. There are no guesses in such situations. Only Plumbing Professionals can treat your property properly without extra payments. Save your time and money. Let our TPG Licensed Plumbers Experts mind your plumbing problems.

Basement Sewer Smell Toronto Toronto Drain Repair Drain Replacement Toronto

Drains Repair Toronto (re-installation) can be done in three different methods:

  • Digging out the Old Pipes and changing them into new. Our specialists come to your house at suitable (for you) time and examine the situation. We do Sewer Camera Inspection and Drain Location. We mark the territory where the Old Drain Pipe is and dig a ditch. We have all the necessary equipment for this. After that the Old Sewer Pipe is taken out and a new one is put into its place. We usually use Plastic Pipes PVC or ABS as they are harmless to your health and cheaper to install. They will serve you longer as well.

Outside Drain Repair in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
Outside Drain Repair Toronto Drain Installation Outside - Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, ThornHill Sewer Line Repair Toronto Outside Drain Installation Toronto Underground Drain Repair Toronto

Inside Drain Repair in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga
Inside Drain Repair TorontoDrain Repairs Company Toronto Inside Drain Installation Toronto Inside Drain Repair GTA Drain Repair Companies Toronto

  • Pipe Bursting Method Drain Repair. The name of this method speaks of itself. We practically burst the Old Drain Pipe with a new one which is placed into the old one with a special tools. It is a very fast method and you don’t have to dig the old drain pipe out. It will not spoil the landscape around your house. You can watch the process if you visit this site.

Sewer Pipe Repair Toronto Drain Pipes Repair Toronto Pipe Bursting Method - Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Scarborough, North York, Vaughan, ThornHill Sewer Line Replacement Toronto Pipe Bursting Sewer Repair Toronto

  • Relining Sewer Pipes. Cured in Place Pipe or CIPP is used to do the process. In this method not match digging is necessary. High pressure makes a new liner infused with epoxy resin get into the Old Drain. After that a bladder is put inside till the end of the Pipe and pressurized with hot steam glue it to the Inside of your Old Pipe. Finally, you get a new strong Pipe resistant to cracks with no seams. You can watch the process if you follow this link.

We give you a 25-year guarantee
for this kind of Drain Repair Toronto (GTA), Mississauga

Toronto Relining Sewer Pipes Etobicoke Relining Sewer Pipes Relining Sewer Pipes Relining Sewer Pipes Toronto

All of the above methods can be used. Contact us (☎ 416-857-3930) whether you’ve got a Basement Flooding, Sewage Smell from Drains or need a consultation and we’ll help you decide which method Drain Repair in Toronto (GTA), Mississauga will work for you.

Drain repair (Problems)
  • Tree Root in Drain
  • Broken Drain Pipes
  • Drain Pipes Frozen
  • Blocked Drain Pipes
  • Drain BackUp
  • Sewage Smell From Drains
  • Cracked Drain Pipe
  • Leaking Drain Pipe

Drain repair (Solutions)
  • Drain Pipe Camera Inspection (CCTV)
  • Fix Drain Pipes
  • Drain BackUp Repair
  • Drain Leaks Repair
  • Trenchless Drain Pipe Replacement
  • No Dig Drain Pipe Repair
  • Blocked Drain Repair
  • Relining Drain Pipes

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