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Just now our company offers our senior clients a great proposition – a 10% off discount for all the Plumbing Works Completed by TPG experts including Drain Cleaning, Drain Installation and Repairing, Water Heater Installation and Repairing, Leaking Toilet, Basement Waterproofing, Pipes Replacement etc.

Are you searching for an experienced specialist to mind your plumbing system? Don’t waste your time! Contact us now +1 (416) 857-3930 and get a free consultation with a following discount. Why do we give you a discount? Because we want you to appreciate the quality and professionalism of our specialists and get a pleasant experience in working with us. As soon as you dial 416-857-3930 you are surely to stay with us for long. Because TPG is quality and professionalism at reasonable price!

We Appreciate Your Trust

  • All the works done are guaranteed.
  • We are a local company, so, we are always round the corner and available in GTA 365/24/7.
  • All our equipment is updated and we provide modern services in no time.
  • We value your time and money and offer various discount programs regularly.
  • Free CCTV inspection with further plumbing services completed by our experts.

Our Services

Toronto Plumbing Group provides all sorts of services concerning your plumbing system so you can get a package discount. It will cost you less. We’ve got all the licenses and certificates to fulfill works of any difficulty which is convenient for the customer as he can get everything at the very moment. Plus if you order the following solution of the present problem, you get a free CCTV inspection which helps to know exactly what your situation is and what kind of repairing is necessary.

Different Kinds of Plumbers

Many specialists can provide different kinds of Plumbing Services but when you get one in your house you will probably want to know what he specializes at. If he is trained specially for the work necessary to be done it’s good. But if not, ask the contractor to see another one to do the task properly. Remember to ask for warranties which are usually from 30 to 60 days depending on the situation.

If you ask for services a second or a third time, you will certainly get a discount and moreover if you recommend the company to someone else and they mention your name while ordering services.  

Why Trust Toronto Plumbing Group

We are the experts in all sorts of Plumbing Works form drain unclog to water line repairs. We are locals so you can get the specialist immediately when it’s necessary. What do you get when you contact us? First, you get a highly qualified help concerning plumbing, draining and waterproofing works. Second, you get a 10% off discount for all our works. Third, you get a free CCTV inspection in case of further cooperation with TPG. Fourth, you get a guarantee for all kinds of works done by Toronto Plumbing Group. And finally, it’s a friendly and warm welcome from the very beginning of cooperation. We mind every client’s business as our own. It’s the prior law of our company.

Let it Drain and Dry:
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I’ll be short. I am Toronto Plumbing Group client for 5 years already. All the work they had performed for me was great, not a single time I was disappointed! Last week they ...
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