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GTA inhabitants have sent over 20000 complaints of basement flooding caused by the July 2013 storm. Although the city is trying to do their best to save the property, homeowners will have to do their part as well.

The City of Toronto (GTA) is offering subsidies of up $3,400 to upgrade residential properties to the current standard. These include the Installation of Backwater Valves for preventing the backup of human waste, and Installation Sump Pumps to help manage water around your foundation. The National Building Code of Canada has recently made it mandatory that all new houses install an approved Backwater Valve and the City of Toronto is urging inhabitants to act in order to reduce the risk of foundation flooding on their own property. Subsidies are limited and provided on first come, first served basis. If you want to be placed on the waitlist with regional Stormwater Management, please call (416) 857-3930. To know more about Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program contact Toronto Plumbing Group. Our experts will help you with all the papers to get the subsidy and complete the necessary works.

Help in Prevention of Basement Flooding

Climate changes cause heavy rainfalls. Overloaded sewers can back up through houses Sewer Lines and flow into basements which are not protected.

Homeowners must protect their houses from flooding and we are here to help.

If you like, you can book a free Home Flood Prevention Assessment. During the survey, a Flood Management Specialist will examine the characteristics of your home and identify if your home qualifies for subsidy program. Each homeowner will receive a written recommendation and advice. It is all for free if you continue working with after getting the subsidy.

Regional Stormwater Management

The installation of protection devices requires building permits and inspections by the City of Toronto (GTA). To make the process easier regional storm water management facilitates the coordination between homeowners and the City of Toronto.

Flood Preparedness

Please remember to phone 911 in case of emergencies. If the situation is not life-threatening, phone 416-857-3930 and our TPG contractors will solve all your problems now and for all. Do not enter the basement. Do not flush toilets or turn on water taps.

Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

It can cause even more flooding. If you can smell gas, leave the house and open the door. Don’t touch any electrical devices because they can spark. If the street is flooded too, don’t go out. It can be dangerous.

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