Everybody has probably encountered problems with Drain Clogging, it is one of many Plumbing Repair that require immediate attention.

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TPG is a licensed company to insure your safety.

TPG is a local organization which is good for emergencies.

Our world standards and low prices will surprise you.

With over 15 years of experience working in the Toronto GTA area, we have gained a reputation of high quality repairs, professionalism and fast work. As soon as we receive your order, our specialist visits your property, diagnoses the problem and makes all the necessary repairs during the first visit.

Toronto Plumbing Group is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are proud to offer weekend Emergency Drain Services without extra fees. Our business is based on trust and reliability. You may be sure that you’ll get qualified service and 100% satisfaction in our job.

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Broken Water Main is hardly the problem which can be solved on your own. First of all, a person to get to the main pipes should have special license and qualification, as they serve not only your house. When a water main goes out of control you need to have it done immediately. It can cause lots of problems like erosion, basement damage, water leakage, etc.


TPG Company offers you all sorts of Plumbing Services, Drain Pipe Cleaning, Cleaning Sink Drain, Trenchless Water Line Replacement and Broken Water Main. Our main idea is to solve all your problems and difficulties, remove clogs of any kind. We Clean Out Clogs in apartments, private houses, offices. Our contractors are equipped with all kinds of instruments to complete the repairs fast and reliably.

Sewer Pipe Clean Out Mississauga


Sewerage System Repair Mississauga

Dear readers, let me draw your attention to a brief review of rules which you can use at any malfunction in the Sewerage System. If you have faced the fact that the system of your house needs a Sewer Pipe Repair, first of all, you should understand what kind of pipes you are using and what the failure cause was. PVC Sewer Pipes are the most effective and are used very often, according to opinions of many specialists. Having found out that a failure has really taken place, do not repair anything yourself, call a specialist who can fix the problem.


Pipe Bursting Method Toronto

Pipe Bursting is a revolutionary trenchless technology for renovation of pipelines and replacement of deteriorating pipes with smaller or larger diameter new ones without physical replacement of the existing pipe. The new pipe with a bursting tool on its leading side is pulled in behind through the old pipe in a manhole by the winch. The deteriorated pipe broken parts are compressed into the soil during the bursting process.


Clogged Drains Toronto

As soon as you dial our number, we start minding your business. Everything from New Pipes, Sump Pump Drains, Water Line Repairs to Plumbing Services is done accurately and fast.


Pipe Inspection Camera

Pipe Inspection Camera is a special type of camera used for pipeline video inspection, which is a visual inspection of the interiors of pipelines. It’s a very handy device, especially when you deal with a major pipeline breakage, and you need to find out the cause as soon as possible. In general, this portable tool simplifies the complex task of inspecting pipes, drains, ducts and other hard-to-access areas, and is perfectly suitable for plumbers, electricians, handymen, contractors and even non-professionals to be implemented in their everyday work.


active drain jetting services

The main purpose of active Drain Jetting Services is to provide efficient work of drain and sewer systems. Drain cleaning includes the Removal of Roots, grease, toys and other obstructions from Clogged Pipes. If you have problems with yard drains, toilets, sewers, sinks pipes and fixtures, laundry tubs, main drains, basins, down spouts, exterior drainage systems, or need Water Line Repairs, the Drain Services will help you to fix them.


drainage system maintenance and cleaning

All drainage systems require periodic maintenance and cleaning because grease, foreign objects, scale, and silt block drains and impede water flow. In order to prevent Plumbing Drain problems you should use Drain Services before the Drain Pipe is blocked. Certain procedures such as high pressure water jetting reduce the possibility of blockages. That means you can remove soft silt from surface water drain as well as solid-set substances and prevent the problems.


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