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Before the job:

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Digging the trench from the back entrance along the side of the house up to the front entrance (total distance about 100 ft). Storm Drain Installation (4in. PVC). To Install New Storm Drain Line connection to existing Storm Drain in the front side.

Storm Drain InstallationExisting Storm DrainInstall New Storm Drain line

Trench catch basin install. View of Side of the house after work done. 4 in. PVC Clean out Installed for the cleaning purpose.
Front view after work done:

Cleaning PVC Sewer DrainTrench Cutch Basin InstallPVC Clean out Installed

This house got Basement Flooding from the city sewer.

After a detailed Video Camera Inspection we have decided to install a Back Water Valve Outside.

We received the permit from the city and started the next project:

  1. Soil excavation up to an old existing clay sanitary drain line.
  2. A removal of an old clay drains.
  3. Back Water Valve and double clean outs installation.
  4. Pass city inspection
  5. Back filling.
  6. Cleaning working area.

Our customers get back from the city $1250 as a rebate for BWV installation.

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Let it Drain and Dry:
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