How Do You Know About Blocked Shower Drain

If you notice that water reaches your ankles while having a shower or it just starts draining very slowly, it must be a clog.

What Causes Blocked Shower Drains

Unclog Shower Drain


Cleaning Sink Drain Mississauga Drain Snaking Toronto

What to do if you've suddenly realized that you have a Clogged Sink? There are several ways to help deal with this problem. If your kitchen Sink is Clogged, which happens quite often, it is usually caused by food scraps which Blocked the Sink Pipe. If it is a washbasin or a tub in the bathroom, it is normally caused by mostly hair and small objects that have fallen into the sink: ear buds, cotton pads, etc.


The control of water losses has been on the agenda of utilities since the first water transmission system has been built. Tens of billions gallons of water distributed through pipelines are been lost each day globally. Among the main reasons of Water Leakage are pipeline corrosion and exhaustion, misuse, accidental damage of pipeline during construction or excavation works, malicious destructions etc.


Someone can just smile at this remark not understanding how important that question can be. What makes Plumbing Services in Toronto so exceptional? The answer is the geographical location. High water level and heavy rains may cause wet basement or even a flood – the result is you are looking for a 24-hour Plumber to save you and your property.

24 hour plumbing


Plumbing Services Toronto

Some people understand that Plumbing Services are the basis of good repairs. If the layout of pipes, etc. is made carelessly, it is very likely that in the nearest future you will have to redo everything again. Therefore, it is very important to entrust this work to specialists and then enjoy high-quality repairs for many years. 


Leaky Faucet Repair

Experiencing the problem when a faucet in your house stops functioning properly brings on irritation and a larger bill. Thus, taking this situation head-on is a surefire way to reduce costs as well as gain new experience.

24 Hour Emergency Plumber


Are you looking for an Emergency Plumber in Toronto? Then you surely need a fast, insured and competent. Emergency can happen not only during the day but even during night times. Having a list of trusted, Licensed Plumbers is very important in case of plumbing.

Emergency Plumber Toronto


When the boiler suddenly fails, or dirty water of brown colour starts coming out of the faucets most people find themselves in a state of panic not knowing how to resolve the problem. In this case a skilled hand of a professional licensed plumber is a necessity.

Advantages of Hiring a Competent Licensed Plumber


TPG Company Offers - all drain and plumbing services

  • Excellent drain service (many years of experience, a good reputation, skilled contractors);

Drain Service Toronto

  • Immediate solutions (contact us and get help as quickly as you need it, you’ll be surprised at how fast all your problems can be fixed);
  • Over 16 years of experience in the plumbing business;
  • 25 years warranty on any underground drain repair services;
  • Good prices (compare our prices to the others and choose us).


We can’t live without water. But what if water causes problems like leakage or seepage? What if after every rain your basement turns into a swimming pool? If your Drain Pipes Leak, you’ll be able to have a bath in your foundation very soon.

Drain Pipe Repair


Let it Drain and Dry:
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