Mathew from Toronto: Trenchless Pipe Repair

My lawn is my pride, I’ve spent much time to make it perfect! Can you imagine what I felt when it turned out that one of the Underground Pipes had to be changed, because had got rusty. Toronto Plumbing Group is one of the most recommended companies among my friends, so I called them to do the job. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t dig my lawn and changed the old pipe by a new one through a small hole! That was technology called “Pipe Bursting” and this service is costless, faster and more effective than digging out a pipe, damaging the yard. Great company – my perfect choice.

Thursday, 20 March 2014
TPG: Trenchless pipe repair

Hello Mathew, we’re always using technologies and methods that are acceptable for our clients to meet their needs and wishes. Toronto Plumbing Group is the service that cares for everyone, so we work 365/24/7 and looking forward to helping you.

Thursday, 20 March 2014
Glan from Mississauga: Drain Replacement

The Drain Pipes worn out and I had to change the system as soon as possible. Usually this process takes much time and cost much as well. I read in the internet about the new method of the changing through Pipe Bursting. I also found the contacts and recommendations concerning Toronto Plumbing Group, and I don’t regret to have chosen them. The Old Pipes were Replaced Without all that Digging, so I saved my time much.  And as far as it’s a Trenchless Technology, not that much labor was needed, and the cost of the service was much lower too. The workers were very helpful and also gave me advice concerning household.

Monday, 03 March 2014
TPG: Drain Replacement

Hello Glan. We appreciate all your words much. Pipe-Bursting is really a very effective new technology. Thank you for choosing our service to implement that and we are glad that you enjoyed it. Hope you will recommend us to your friends and family.

Monday, 03 March 2014
Collin from Toronto: Total repairing of the draining system
Hey Igor! Thanx man for the help! I appreciate that all really much! I’m making my house by myself and wanna every detail be touched by the own hand, but you saw how much I am lost with all those pipes and faucets…a real brainteaser for me! Though much is still left to do, but only with your help! I will tell you’re best to everyone. Take care man!

Monday, 24 February 2014
TPG: Total repairing of the draining system

Hello Collin, thank you very much for all the words! We are very glad to become your friends and advisers also. To make all the necessary work with your new system can take from weeks till several months depending on your personal time and availability of all the materials, but you can be sure will do our best to make your kitchen and bathroom comfortable and functional.

Monday, 24 February 2014
Clint from Toronto: Stinky basement

We used to have rats in the basement, so the unpleasant smell I thought to be the result of it. Just suggested that we hadn’t found one of the dead animals and it caused this killing smell. Actually it turned to be unbearable, so we called the guys to take out the floor professionally without any damage for the drain pipes. Luckily we had done that! The smell was caused by leaky pipe and it could have turned into a real flood soon! Those two guys were really skilled – pipe was repaired fast, wrapped in some kind of waterproofing material and the floor was made to look as nothing happened. Finally I can enjoy entering my basement at any reason – no rats, and no smells.

Friday, 03 January 2014
TPG: Stinky basement

Dear Clint, thank you for calling us just on time, so that it have saved our efforts your time and money. We hope u will not have problems with your pipes soon, but don’t think twice if anything happens. We will be very glad to help you any time.

Friday, 03 January 2014
Emily from Toronto: Drain repair

Suffered hips of troubles with my drainage. For ages it was okay but all of the sudden the drain system was blocked and my folks could do nothing with that. I was in despair and prepared to spend tons of money. Guys from Aqualux came and found the trouble source, asked me if I'd like to replace some rotten sectors while drain repair. When they announced a sum I went along with that immediately! Recommend! Strongly!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013
TPG: Hi Emily

Hi Emily, Yes, we are able to keep prices a bit lower thanks to our good contacts with materials distributors. We always search for new ways to reduce the costs. And it works! Sincerely, Toronto Plumbing Group

Wednesday, 27 November 2013
Robert from Etobicoke: Basement waterproofing

Several years my family experienced those terrible condensations in the basement. High humidity, difference of temperatures turned our basement into a little swamp. Then I read about that basement waterproofing and decided to finish our sufferings. Yes, they came, isolated pipes, restore ventilation, "healed" cracks, installed a fan and now our basement is pleasant place to step in!

Thursday, 07 November 2013
Tomori from North Yourk: Drain services Mississauga

We had installed the old clay pipes, which have long been blocked for at least the old roots of trees. It was the decision to choose a few companies which, after evaluation of the work could do it and in time. The first place was taken by the company Aqualux. They are clean and have been working hard to get the job done in one day and at a very affordable price. Thank you for your employee Igor.

Friday, 01 November 2013

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